Ground Filter Coffee  - Grindhouse Coffee Roasters

At Grindhouse we take filter coffee seriously

There is a lot of bad filter coffee out there. We should know as over the years we have been asked by various discount online coffee sellers to produce cheaper and cheaper blends with high levels of robusta or to roast cheap coffee to the point of burning so it tastes strong. We also know sellers who sell coffee that is over a year old or use Italian sounding brands or product names to trick customers into thinking its a quality product!

It's sellers like those that gives filter coffee its bad name ,  Filter Coffee or Batch Brewing is one of the best ways to brew coffee in high volume situations such as offices or function venues. At Grindhouse we roast, grind and pack all our filter blends daily with the same attention to detail as we would with any of our coffees.

What we do differently at Grindhouse

  • We only sell freshly roasted & ground filter coffees
  • We seal & pack each sachet by hand ensuring quality and freshness at all times
  • We don't use cheap beans for our filter coffees - we use the same premium beans as we do in our espresso ranges
  • We will give you your money back if your not satisfied! 

Try our Filter Coffee and you will taste the difference!