About us

Grindhouse Coffee Roasters

Grindhouse Coffee was set up in 2011 as a division of our company solely to roast private label coffee for other coffee businesses.

For the last five years we have supplied various large online discount coffee suppliers under lots of different brands - chances are if you use any of these online coffee sites you may have already tried our coffee.
In 2016 we decided to sell under our own brand on eBay and amazon. Our coffees quickly became a success with thousands of happy customers. This has allowed us in January 2017 to give up roasting for other people to concentrate on selling directly to you the consumer. 
By cutting out these middle men coffee sites we can sell better coffee directly and at better prices.

At Grindhouse we want to be different from those just selling cheap coffee, we want to offer good quality beans at reasonable prices and we want to be totally transparent about what you get 

Why we are different